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Theater in your watch

Today i will introduce a new unique home-theater offering for you right at your wrist. Others might consider you insane seeing you smiling while looking into your watch. But the very awareness about the functionality of the Home-theater watch can put them into the category of insane.

Instead of killing time, this watch helps to invest your time in retrieving your lost energies by viewing your three-hour long favorite movie at your wrist. Even if you are flying, riding or relieving yourself in the loo, this wrist accessory can help you enjoy your time to the best.

The Home Theater Watch is based on the concept of experiencing the home theater features within your wrist-watch. This doesn’t mar the functionality of the watch of alarming you for your important meetings. With an in-built 2GB storage, the video-viewer of the watch makes you play MP1, MP2, or MP3 and WMA audio files and enjoy JPEG pix.

The huge screen of 1.5 inches flaunts a 260K luminous tint and offers a replica of images residing on your PC.

Price: $119.95 (approx Rs 5400)

Via Gadget Universe


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