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Hi-Tech Massager Bathtub with LCD TV

Today i will introduce you a luxury gadget. This is Hi tech bathtub designed by Divapor.Its a single person tub Hydro massager with air and water along with 17 inch touch-sensitive LCD TV . It include seven hydro massage jets, six bubble jets and six back massage jets in all.

The water proof LCD Tv is fixed at the foot to keep us entertaing while you are having bath. Even they have designed it in the view of music lovers it has a built-in speaker and you can play FM radio station and you can store your favorite FM stations.

To suit the environment and your mood there are fluorescent glows underwater light that illuminates the bubbling water to provide the perfect atmosphere and luxury finish to an already luxury bathtub.

And its price is 5000$(approx: Rs 2,25,000)

If you are interested in purchasing it click here


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