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Logic behind Roman Number Writings

We can easily understand Roman Numbers but whats the logic behind these numbers??

How does our ancient people designed these numbers??

I use to think about it and didn't found the answer for many years and at last when i am browsing the internet i found it

Its nothing but the ''No of Angles'' (The answer is very simple. Is it not???)

Watch this picture these are the older forms of numbers and i have marked the angles with ''circle
Here is the explanation

1 has one angle
2 has two angles and so on...........

and zero is ''0'' because it has No Angles :)

Hmmmmm is it not interesting........

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Win Free Talktime every 10 minutes

Microsoft has newly launched Indian version search engine. It has started a contest in India where you can win Free talk time for your mobile every 10 minutes when you search with windows live search.

This Contest will run from December 04, 2008 to January 03, 2009 for 18 hours a day starting from 7am to 1p.m.

It works better with Internet explorer

For participation in the contest click here

To know its Terms and Conditions click here

Motivational Video from YouTube

Hi while i was browsing You Tube found a motivational video. It's a really inspirational video. please watch it and tell me your opinions.......

To find the video in You Tube click here

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Techniques in notepad

Trial Pay Offers 130 softwares for free

Trial Pay is a program where you can get some softwares for free by just completing some offers there. Let me explain you in detail. For eg we need McAfee antiviris software (with license). Then first we need to select that particular software and you will get some offers to be completed like subscribe to some magazine or purchase a software or register in Ebay so on.. so after completion of the selected offer, you will get the license of McAfee Antivirus software through email

Here is a picture from Trial Pay website how this system works:

I personally checked it and have taken eBay offer (because it's free). For completing Ebay offer we just need to register in eBay and place a bid (it's not necessary to be a winning bid). After completing it i have received Spyware Doctor software License through email

To know the various softwares that you can get for free from Trial Pay click here

To go to Trial pay website click here

And now Microsoft is offering free softwares for the school and college students

You can download them or can get the C.Ds, to know more click here

and you can also get Linux and Boss operating systems for free. I have already mentioned it in my previous post. To see it click here

A New Note Pad technique

Today i am going to share a new Notepad technique and I named this technique as "WTC"(World Trade Center). All of us know that the WTC (World Trade Center) was hit by a plane on 11th September. Do you know the flight number???

The Flight no is :''Q33N''

Now open a new Notepad and type the Flight No ''Q33N''

Now go to Font and select ''Wingdings'' font and increase your font size to 72

How is it????? Are you amazed??

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How powerfull is your Observation

Hi friends some brain stuff for you

Read out what you can seeIf you concentrate on black you read it as GOOD and if you concentrate on white (inside the black) you read it as EVIL

What do you see here??

What have you read '' A BIRD IN THE BUSH '' are you correct??
Sorry to say you are wrong.Go back to it again and have a look at it.
THE was repeated .......:)

Now See at this picture
If you concentrate on white colour you see it as 'OPTICAL' and if you concentrate on the painting you read it as 'ILLUSION'

What do you see here.....This is a tricky image
If the word 'Teach' is mirrored we see 'Learn'
When i saw this picture i remembered a quotation "When you become teachable, teacher appears before you" I think this quote perfectly matches to this picture.

Now what do you seeIn this picture if you concentrate on brown you see 'ME'
and if you concentrate on spaces inside ME you see 'YOU'

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Talk Unlimited to any mobile Freely with Freeringers

Free ringer is a calling service which allows you to make FREE calls to telephone numbers (in more than 30 countries throughout the world) right from your web browser.

You need not to download any software only thing you have to do is just simply register in their website any you can call to any mobile freely (about 30+ countries).

Before making your first call, Free ringer does an Echo Test Call to ensure that your audio and network works fine and Freeringer even allows you to receive calls from regular or Internet phones.

And if you are interested in knowing more about freeringers or want to use it click here

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