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Trial Pay Offers 130 softwares for free

Trial Pay is a program where you can get some softwares for free by just completing some offers there. Let me explain you in detail. For eg we need McAfee antiviris software (with license). Then first we need to select that particular software and you will get some offers to be completed like subscribe to some magazine or purchase a software or register in Ebay so on.. so after completion of the selected offer, you will get the license of McAfee Antivirus software through email

Here is a picture from Trial Pay website how this system works:

I personally checked it and have taken eBay offer (because it's free). For completing Ebay offer we just need to register in eBay and place a bid (it's not necessary to be a winning bid). After completing it i have received Spyware Doctor software License through email

To know the various softwares that you can get for free from Trial Pay click here

To go to Trial pay website click here

And now Microsoft is offering free softwares for the school and college students

You can download them or can get the C.Ds, to know more click here

and you can also get Linux and Boss operating systems for free. I have already mentioned it in my previous post. To see it click here


Anonymous said...

hey thnx u for sharing i have received boss and Linux operating system cds

and i love the notepad techniques also

keep posting

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