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How powerfull is your Observation

Hi friends some brain stuff for you

Read out what you can seeIf you concentrate on black you read it as GOOD and if you concentrate on white (inside the black) you read it as EVIL

What do you see here??

What have you read '' A BIRD IN THE BUSH '' are you correct??
Sorry to say you are wrong.Go back to it again and have a look at it.
THE was repeated .......:)

Now See at this picture
If you concentrate on white colour you see it as 'OPTICAL' and if you concentrate on the painting you read it as 'ILLUSION'

What do you see here.....This is a tricky image
If the word 'Teach' is mirrored we see 'Learn'
When i saw this picture i remembered a quotation "When you become teachable, teacher appears before you" I think this quote perfectly matches to this picture.

Now what do you seeIn this picture if you concentrate on brown you see 'ME'
and if you concentrate on spaces inside ME you see 'YOU'

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