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Some Tricks in Note Pad

Time and date trick :

*Easy and fun trick with your notepad. Lets try, now open a blank notepad file:

*Write .LOG as the first line of the file and press enter.

*Save your notepad file name and close it.

*Now open the notepad you have save....Ohh!! the date and time at the end of the file..!! And place the cursor on the next line.

Enter your notes and then save and close the file.

Every time you open the notepad file, Notepad repeat the process, adding the date and time automatically at the end of the roster and placing the cursor below.

Fun Technique with Note Pad :

Now again open a new notepad in your windows.

Then type this: this app can break

Save this and close the notepad.

Then open the saved Note pad file and your text is Gone..!!!!!!!!!!!


If you type 1111 222 333 44444 or any other 4-3-3-5 letter combination like AAAA BBB CCC DDDDD or 4444 333 333 55555 does the same thing.

Show this to you friend and have fun.

Keep watching the blog for more updates.............

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