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Improve Your Financial Wisdom

When it comes to money and investing, people have three fundamental choices. They are

1.To be Secure

2.To be Comfortable

3.To be Rich

All the choices are important. The difference in one's life occurs when the choices are prioritized. Although most people dream of becoming rich, but its not their first choice. Their first choice is Security, second is Comfort and third is to be Rich.

For e.g In case of employees & professionals they give Job Security as their highest priority. After they have a secure Job or Profession, then they focus on comfort. The last choice for most people is to be Rich. Only three out of hundred people are rich because of the priority of the choices. For most people, if becoming rich disturbs their comforts or makes them feel insecure, they will forsake becoming rich.

People who make security and comfort as their first and second choices look for 'Get rich-quick schemes' . To get rich quickly they often loose even what they have. In order to be rich the priorities must be in the following order

To be Rich

2.To be Comfortable

3.To be Secure

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