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Now you can buy land on the MOON!!!!!

Hey anyone who is planning to give a surprise and thrilling gift to your loved one's??? Then this is for you, now Exciting life is offering you that.

More About Land On The Moon:
In 1980 an American Dennis Hope claimed rights to the property on the moon. This section of the land is made exclusively available through
the Lunar Embassy for sale by selected organizations across the world like Moon Estates - which is where your sale deed comes from. In India you can only get this from Exciting Lives. In the absence of jurisdiction on the moon this item is mostly a symbolic and romantic gift that will be treasured forever!

Gift Pack Includes:

1. Metallic case
2. Authentic Lunar Deed in your name
3. A transcript of the Declaration of Ownership that was filed with the governments of USA, Russia and the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 by Mr Dennis Hope
4. The Lunar Site Map shows where your property is located
5. The Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights that details the Lunar Laws and your rights
6. A document with details of the Mineral Rights to your land
7. A gift card with a personal message

Coming about the price it costs you Rs 1345 [US$28 or £20] and the item will be delivered in 3 days. To order or know more details click here


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