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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Which You Probably Don’t Know About

Hi today i am going to write some of the useful Firefox shortcuts.

1: Automatically complete .org and .net addresses
Many of us know if we type Google in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter it will directly go to But what about .org and .net addresses? . Shift+Enter takes you to .net and Ctrl+Shift+Enter takes you to .org addresses automatically only in firefox .

2: Ctrl+T and Ctrl+Shift+T
Ctrl+T opens a new tab and Ctrl+Shift+T reopens the last closed tab.

3: Alt + D
By using this we can navigate directly to the browser address bar of firefox.

4: Use of Delete Key
It helps you delete specific addresses in browser history or autocomplete forms. For example in the adress bar if there are 3 sites and if you want to delete the 2nd entry from autocomplete history, just point to it and press Delete key .

5: Ctrl+Tab
Ctrl+tab helps you to navigate between different firefox tabs quite easily.

6: Ctrl+[1,2….9]
If you want to go to a specific tab then just use Ctrl+corresponding tab number. Ex:To go to the 5th tab use Ctrl+5 .

So wait for some more intresting updates.....


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