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An introduction abut Lockerz is considered to be one of the most promising sites on the internet so far. I have checked about its reliability in web through various forums, sites, blogs etc....

For now those who have not yet heard about this new incentive program called Lockerz, you may want to consider getting used to hearing the name.

What is Lockerz?
With Lockerz, you will earn points for activities you normally would be doing online anyhow. Whether it is shopping, playing online games, chatting with others, or just answering a few short questions, the points will add up.

What Will you Earn with Lockerz?
Right now members can cash in their points for a whole array of cool prizes. These range from jewelry, to iPods, to video games. Each point is worth about 50 cents, and you earn 2points just for referring a friend or participating in the daily questions called "Dailies".

The site is still in pre-launch it launches publicly on October 15th, so as of now you can’t sign up regularly, You must be invited!!

SO as of now if you invite 20 friends they are sending you an T-shirt. If you have not yet joined and interested in it please leave your mail id's or just mail me at


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