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Get a .com domain for free

Amazing news for all the bloggers,now you can a free domain name. Yes, you can now get domains for free (even your blog name if it is available). If not you can choose a different domain name from the available list.

HyperWebEnable is a free web hosting service with as many as 400 websites and blogs provided till date. But you will have limited control on your HyperWebEnable hosted site. You can even get multiple websites freely with unlimited bandwidth and email ids and many more services that the paid services provide.

You can see domain comparison in their site

If you are not interested in getting a domain from Hyperwebenable then clickhere

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sm said...

thanks for information

jayaraj said...

how did u get adsense account i cant get it with domain can u help me
and u said limited control on it but how much limited u ahve to tell me na and dont forgot about the adsense account and i tried advice for approving for adsense in 24 hours it worked but i cant change my country to india as in the post it is asked to give country as pakistan and google is rejecting my change country request
i want a adsense account as i came from a poor family thanks after all have u tried a .com doman for this site

Sandeep said...

keep watching for more updates

In a week time I will post how to get approved for adsense in 2days (I just tried with 2 accounts and got accepted checking with 3rd account if it is accepted I will post the details in my blog), until then you can use many other good advertising programs...
Keep checking the blog for more updates

Anonymous said...

hey can you give me the link of this teplates. Its really awesome

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