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Lock any folder in your PC without any software

Many of us want to hide some folders in our computer because we share our pc with our friends, family etc..Many of you know how to make a folder invisible but many of them know to view the invisible folders, so we use software's etc.. but here is a technique without using any software you can hide the folder. I will give you a step by step procedure here to hide the folder without any technique
  • First select the folder you want to hide. Now we should RENAME it (press F2 or right click on the folder and select rename)
  • Now press and hold ALT key, using numpad type 0160 (you must enter the numbers using numpad only)
  • If you have done the above two steps correctly, you will see a folder without any name
    The last step--Now right click on the folder,go to properties, select customize tab,At the bottom of the window, you can see change icon option, click on it, now you will get a new window, now scroll it right until you see a blank space icons. Select one of them and click apply. That's it. Your folder will be invisible now...

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