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Say Good Bye To Visiting Cards :)

Generally when we meet a new person we give them our visiting card, yes?? Now say Good Bye to these visiting cards. You can tell them "To know more about me SMS to 5xxxx”
Think how others would impress by listening this. We all know that ''The first impression is the best impression'',when you tell this they think that you are a Hi-Tech man.
Now you can say “To know more about me SMS “Name” to 5xxxx, quiet impressive isn't it?

Are you in dilemma thinking about how much it costs you???
Don't worry you get this service for

All you need is to register there keyword for free and SMSMEON manages your account to send what sms to send to anyone who access the keyword..

Example: My keyword is Sandeep, So you send a sms “sandeep” to 56070 and you will get my details!!!!
To know more about this service click here

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